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The MAE Club is a student body organization that represents the students of the school of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at NTU, Singapore.


Established in 1981 as Mechanical & Production Engineering Club, MPE Club, we have grown to include Aerospace to our family in 2010. We strive to achieve and enhance the student life of MAE

What is Happening recently ? 
Yearbook Release
Decorative Objects

Sep 21 2021

Check out the yearbook we've dedicated for the graduating batch right here on maeclub.com/yearbook


Be part of MAE’s 40th Management Committee this academic year! Don't forget to cast your vote!

Voting & Release of Election Result

Sep 10-11 2021

40th Committee Election Rally

Sep 3 2021


Learn more about what the candidates running for MAE’s 40th Management Committee have to offer. All the best to all the candidates running in this year’s elections.


A new design for to represent our beloved school.

New Website Release

Aug 2021

Other Updates!