MAE  Day

MAE Day is a yearly tradition that celebrates the Anniversary of the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Where a total of 2000 MAE students and faculty members congregate and enjoy the festivities. It is a highlight and one of the biggest event of the School of MAE. A fun-filled day with carnival games, food and drinks,  exam welfare pack giveaways, vendor booth showcase as well as stage performances. 


Investiture is a pivotal event where MAE students and staffs come together. To appreciate those committee members who stepped forward to take up these management positions to represent and serve the students of MAE throughout the academic year. It is also an event to officially handover the board of Management Committee to the next Management Committee for the upcoming academic semester. 


Graduation Night has always been viewed as part of our students’ holistic life. With an estimated graduating cohort of 600 students, this is an night filled with games, food and exciting activities. Where the graduates are able to gather, celebrate and be sent off with well wishes from NTU for their next phase in life. We hope that the students are able to create a memorable and enjoyable night before they embark on their future endeavors.