Orientation Committees.

What do We Do?  

Orientation Committee is a part of MAE Club that mainly focuses on planning the MAE Freshman Orientation Programme (FOP), INITIUM. We act as an organization that plans bonding sessions for MAE students, and not only to the freshmen. Other activities that we organize include the Sub-Committee Bonding Session for the members of MAE Club, and also MAE Beach day.

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Meet The Team 

Orientation Officer: K Jivat
Orientation Co-officer: Goh Yin Xian




Initium, officially known as the MAE Transition and Orientation Programme, strives to create a memorable freshmen experience and allow freshmen a seamless transition into university life. During the overnight camp, freshmen are split into groups where they participate in games and bonding activities which encourage them to make new friends and interact with seniors.

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Recess Week Semester 2

MAE Beach Day is a one-day event organized for all MAE students during recess week in Semester 2. Students take a break from school and enjoy a fun-filled day of activities under the sun.