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MAE Club 35th Management Committee Investiture

Several students in black formal attire were seen mingling around LT19A. These were the students who had been elected as part of the 35th Management Committee of MAE Club. The smiles on their faces expressed their excitement as they were about to officially embark on their journey in MAE Club for the academic year.

​At 19:00, the 35th Main Committee had taken their seats in the lecture theatre. Shortly after, Professor Phee Soo Jay, Louis; Associate Professor New Tze How, Daniel; and the former president of MAE Club, Low Choon Chye made their way into the theatre. The ceremony began with a speech by Low Choon Chye. He recalled his first year in NTU, when Freshmen Welcome Ceremony had not existed and how the MAE Club had grown until today. He also thanked his team, the 34th Management Committee, and congratulated the 35th Management Committee as they were willing to take the torch, continuing the legacy of MAE Club. He hoped that the new management committee will stay solid throughout the year as the journey will not be easy. “Looking forward to the initiatives of 35th Management Committee towards MAE without strangers,” so he ended his speech.

​The advisor of MAE Club, Prof. New Tze How, Daniel then took his turn. He congratulated the new committee and in line with what Choon Chye said, reminded them that the journey will be a challenging one as the club consisted of many students with different backgrounds and ideas. Nonetheless, he believed that together they could bring positive impacts on MAE community.

​Following Prof. New, the Guest of Honour Prof. Phee Soo Jay, Louis opened his speech reminiscing his experience during the Homecoming event. He emphasised that there is always a sacrifice attached to being a leader and encouraged them to not be afraid. Stepping up in the committee was a good start for them to groom themselves to be future leaders and to make a difference in the future.

Afterwards, the new committee members were introduced, and plaques and certificates were awarded to the preceding committee members as tokens of appreciation.

Finally, it was time for the new president, Dominique Yeo Zong Xiang to give his first speech. He thanked all his friends who had supported and encouraged him to step up as the president of MAE Club. He hoped that the committee members can help each other to serve the students, and make the journey memorable and fruitful for everyone. He also introduced a new portfolio called Special Project. He ended his speech with a quote from John Maxwell, “​Leaders become great not because of their power, but their ability to empower others.”

We would like to thank the 34th Management Committee for their past contributions and wish the 35th Management Committee all the best for their endeavour to serve MAE students.

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