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Inter-School Games 2016

The semester ended with a high note as all schools in NTU came down to compete in the Inter-School Games, which began on 7 December with Ultimate Frisbee and Tchoukball matches, and ended on 23 December with Swimming, Squash, and Tennis matches.

Of course, many MAE students did not miss this opportunity to showcase their skills in sports while having fun at the same time. Watching them giving their all from the beginning to the end of the every match, as well as their show of sportsmanship were very heartening. We won some and lost some, but at the end of the day it was hopefully a fulfilling experience for everyone. Even if it was not, we shall do better in next year's Games, shall we?

We would like to congratulate these teams for etching MAE in the Top 4!

Female Squash: Third Runner Up

Floorball: Second Runner Up

Ultimate Frisbee: First Runner Up

Table Tennis: First Runner Up

Tennis: Champion

We thank all of our athletes for representing MAE! We hope to see you (and also some fresh faces!) with Team MAE T-shirts donned and spirits up high in next year's Games!

Click HERE to see more photos and match details.


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