Publications and Publicity.

What do We Do?  

The Publications and Publicity (PnP) portfolio of the MAE club acts as a supporting body for the events organized by the various portfolios. In terms of publications, we design and publish all print and electronic media from t-shirts, posters, and event details to electronic media such as MAE club’s Website, Facebook page and Instagram page. We also help with photography at events allowing students to have access to all their memories. In terms of publicity, we help to publicise MAE events and any other things which we feel will benefit the MAE student body.

Meet The Team 

PnP Officer: Gabriel James Goenawan
PnP Co-officer: Dzakiy Farid Fadhilah,
                          Poornima Ramachandran


1. MAE Yearbook

Sep 2021

Designed and published MAE 2021 Yearbook.

2. MAE Website 

Aug 2021


Revamped to feature modern design, animation, as well as an all new blogging page to deliver quicker updates.