Student Affairs

The Student Affairs portfolio which acts like a bridge linking students with resources, academic or otherwise. We provide resources and welfare to support students and hold workshops that prepare students to better manage their studies and careers.


Our largest Event held every semester is the Exam Welfare Pack Giveaway. We will prepare the welfare packs that contains exam necessities, snacks and vouchers for MAE undergraduates, and the giveaway aims to aid students with their upcoming exams.


Events is a portfolio that plans and organizes events to cater for the welfare and give back to the MAE student body. Major events include MAE day and Graduation night. Our events are conducted with the intent for the club to connect with the students of MAE to create a platform for them to bond and experience the MAE spirit.



The Sports portfolio helps plan and organise any sport related activities to complement the academic aspect of a student's life. Sports allow students to take a break from hectic study lives and destress. Our main events include the Inter-school Games, MAE Sports Day and eSports Day. The inclusion of eSports is more recent due to the growing popularity of the E-sport scene.

Special Projects

The Special Projects portfolio mainly focuses on community outreach with an engineering intent. Our projects are driven by our love of volunteering and spreading the knowledge we have learnt from NTU to organise unique events for our beneficiaries. Our projects have seen children, youths at risk, elderly and the disabled interacting with our students and being exposed to what we do in MAE. Our portfolio is relatively new, and here are some our highlights

Orientation Committee

Orientation Committee is a part of MAE Club that mainly focuses on planning the MAE Freshman Orientation Programme (FOP), INITIUM. We act as an organization that plans bonding sessions for MAE students, and not only to the freshmen. Other activities that we organise include the Sub-Committee Bonding Session for the members of MAE Club, and also MAE Beach day.

Business Managers

The business management portfolio of the MAE club acts as a supporting body for events organised by the various portfolios. Major events such as MAE Day and Exam Welfare Giveaway require sponsorship from various partners to make the event more appealing to students participating in these events.

Other than liaising with sponsors, we also raise funds for the club through sales of merchandise, such as the MAE’s iconic T-shirts, shoe bags and towels. 

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The Logistics portfolio of the MAE club acts as a supporting body for the events organised by the various portfolios. As all of MAE Club’s events can cater from a small crowd of 50 (at workshops) all the way to 2000 (at events such as MAE Day) we provide all the logistics needed so the event runs smoothly.

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Publicity & Publications

The Publications and Publicity (PnP) portfolio of the MAE club acts as a supporting body for the events organised by the various portfolios. In terms of publications, we design and publish all print and electronic media from t-shirts, posters, and event details to electronic media such as MAE club’s Website, Facebook page and Instagram page. We also help with photography at events allowing students to have access to all their memories. In terms of publicity, we help to publicise MAE events and any other things which we feel will benefit the MAE student body.