School's stand on quizzes

It has come to our attention that several students are facing some uncertainty regarding our School's stand on quizzes. Students may find themselves in one of these situations: 1) Only the grade is released, with feedback on the general performance. 2) The grade and script are released, but the script must be returned by the end of the lesson. 3) Neither the script nor grade is released, but feedback is given on the general performance. After dialogue with Professor Lee Yong Tsui and Professor Sunil C. Joshi, the Associate Chair (Academics) for MAE, we have clarified that the School of MAE's stand on this is that students should receive feedback on the general performance. Any other decision is usually made by the individual lecturers, which vary from module to module. Hence, you should at least receive some form of feedback, which may come in the form of: 1) Common mistakes made 2) General performance of the cohort Students are greatly encouraged to be proactive and: 1) Ask questions regarding the quiz 2) Extend the quiz question and expand the topic 3) If necessary, arrange a meeting with the professor for further discussion on the quiz and view your script where possible Thanks to the Professors, we also found out that after each MAE final examination, the lecturers are also required to upload general feedback for the paper. For those of you who wish to get feedback on how the cohort had performed, you can check the course site for your individual modules. This feedback is usually released after the release of the final results. We hope that this information is helpful. We wish you all the best for the upcoming semester!

School Fees

To all MAE Undergraduates,

There have been some queries regarding the school fees that we pay and during the recent Town Hall in January, the topic of school fees was once again brought up.

This is the link to the list of tuition fees from the NTU website:

Under the important notes, Point 3 addresses the semester on which all MAE undergraduates have to undergo their Professional Internship.

We hope that this clears up any doubts.